Ready to grow your family, but afraid maternity leave will leave you high and dry? Don’t worry, I got you sis.

Why choosing to cover maternity contracts is the ultimate in female empowerment.

Stepping into someone’s shoes to cover for them doesn’t make them less committed to a role, nor does it mean they are “settling.” In fact, willingness to cover for fellow boss-ladies while they grow their families, is (in my opinion) the ultimate in female empowerment. And anyone who is considering moving roles should take a second look at these opportunities.

Empowering the maternity temp

Oprah Everyone imageWomen who step in to cover for other women – while they carry out this incredibly valid and wonderful activity – are empowering not only the individual, but also themselves.

Empowerment is defined as- “development of increased strength and confidence, particularly gaining more control and claiming rights.”

Anyone temporarily stepping into their shoes has an incredible opportunity to add to their own strengths and confidence. They can improve their mental agility – quickly seizing the role and new responsibilities. They will undoubtedly learn new skills, and gain new business perspectives.

Such richness of experience is bound to increase confidence in their own abilities, perceptions and response times.

According to Forbes: “Study after study shows women who support women are more successful in business.”

Put them on a pedestal, not a shelf

So, the next time you come across someone taking maternity leave, bin any negative connotations and big them up!

And, if you find someone who’s willing to cover for them, that’s a massive tick in a lot of boxes. It’s also… pregnant pause… to be applauded!

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